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Membership Information

Memberships are $30.00 annually and run on the WCMEA fiscal year of June to June

The Association membership shall be divided into four statuses: Active, Associate, Continuing and Honorary.

Active Membership

Active Membership shall be open for duly elected or appointed Coroners, Deputy Coroners, Medical Examiners, Deputy Medical Examiners and Medical Examiner Investigators.


Continuing Membership

Continuing Membership shall be open for Past Coroners, Past Deputy Coroners, Past Medical Examiners, Past Deputy Medical Examiners and Past Medical Examiner Investigators, provided such persons held membership during their term of office, and whose dues are current.


Associate members

Associate members will be persons that have a professional relationship with medicolegal death investigation; i.e. Funeral Directors, Sudden Infant Death Center, Organ Tissue Procurement agencies.

Honorary Membership

Eligibility for an election to Honorary Membership shall be determined by the Board of Directorsof the Association. The qualifications  shall consist of having performed notable service to the public or to this Association




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WCMEA Acting President:  Agnieszka Rogalska, MD

WCMEA Education:  Agnieszka Rogalska, MD

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Map of Wisconsin Coroners and Medical Examiners Feb, 2017